Risk – the true path to growth and freedom

Speaking in front of 30 women on Saturday

Speaking in front of 30 women on Saturday

I’ve always been a risk taker. It’s not that I perform death-defying stunts, think I’m invincible or am looking to chase some kind of adrenaline-fueled high.

It’s more that I take myself outside the ordinary, the stable and the secure and stretch myself in the hopes that by electing to take on a risky endeavor or two, I’ll get that to that elusive and exciting place I ultimately want to end up.

In the past year I’ve launched a blog – revealing my vulnerabilities and insecurities through my writing and potentially opening myself up to criticism and ridicule.

I’ve invested my own money in studying a non-traditional career path and launching my business when everyone around me is buying houses and settling for security.

I’ve elected to end a long-term relationship and be single by choice as I’m nearing 30 and watching my closest friends get married and have babies.

Just this past week – I hosted a webinar that went for over an hour and then later in the week got up in front of 30 women I’d never met before to share details about my life and my coaching journey.

Writing out some of the risks I’ve taken and casting my mind to some that are yet to come, I have the Hilltop Hoods, Chase That Feeling roaring through my mind. In my opinion though, the ability to take risks and to look fear in the face and choose to do it anyway is one of the most undervalued and underrated skills of today.

There’s a quote that I absolutely love that sums it up beautifully:

“If we listened to our intellect, we’d never have a love affair. We’d never have a friendship. We’d never go into business because we’d be too cynical. Well, that’s nonsense. You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.” – Annie Dillard

Sometimes you have to take risks in order to succeed and while some risks won’t pay off, some certainly do.

Celebrating after not making a fool of myself when I spoke

Celebrating after not making a fool of myself when I spoke

One way I like to consider whether I should take a risk or not is to think about whether I’ll regret NOT taking the risk in 20-years time when I’m nearing 50? Will I regret not having started a business? Saying I love you? Following my dreams? If the answer is YES then I do it…no matter how scary, crazy and outside the norm it may seem.

And that feeling when you do take the risk and it ultimately pays off and you come out the other side a success? Well that is one of the most liberating, exciting and inspiring feelings.

The feeling I had after I successfully hosted my webinar and after I managed to get up and speak about my life and journey to 30 women without making a fool of myself? It’s lightness and expansion…taking a risk, facing your fears and choosing to listen exclusively to what your core and your heart actually desires is what true living and growth is really all about.

What can you say yes to today? Are you ready to really start living? Are you ready to start writing? Do you want to launch a blog? Can you say yes to that speaking gig?

Share with me in the comments what crazy risk is scaring you senseless right now but what you’re committing to doing anyway? xx

Top seven lessons I learnt from hosting my first webinar

On Tuesday evening after work I bit the bullet and hosted my first ever webinar, teaming up with Tanya Mah from www.tanyamah.com to share Launch Lessons – Shortcut your blogging success and avoid the top five mistakes plaguing all newbie bloggers.

I’ve signed up for and attended many webinars in the past and as a listener they are always a great opportunity to directly connect with coaches and online professionals to discover more about exactly who they are and what they’re all about.

The idea of hosting a webinar was initially posed to me by my business coach who believed I was ready. I had to admit I found it a daunting but exciting new challenge I was keen to take on.

Having emerged from a recent slump in motivation (read more about that here) I felt like a webinar was just what I needed to get reinvigorated, reinspired and excited about my coaching business.

If I booked in a webinar and SOON, I could set myself a new challenge I needed to strive to achieve and I could take the opportunity to really own my previous experiences and share them with others.

I could put the value of my journey out there into the world in a real and responsive way in the hope that it may inspire someone else to think ‘hey I can achieve that, I can launch a blog to and make that shit happen.’

So if you’re a fellow coach or blogger and you’re considering hosting a webinar I can wholeheartedly say DO IT.

Taking the opportunity to spend an hour sharing your knowledge about a particular topic to an engaged group of listeners is an amazing way to create value for your audience and provide quality content – which is really what it’s all about.

In the spirit of Launch Lessons below are my top tips for anyone toying with the idea of hosting a webinar or live podcast:

1. Do not wait until you feel confident, you will never do it. You need to own your fear, feel the nerves and make the conscious choice to do it anyway. If you need help overcoming fear and self-doubt check some of Marie Forleo’s amazing videos by clicking here.

2. Preparation is absolutely key. I had one week to prepare and promote my webinar and it can totally be done but more time is obviously better unless you really thrive under pressure. Write an outline of exactly what you want to cover and then write dot points to speak off. Reading out word for word notes of what you want to say will come across as unnatural and inauthentic. I only chose to read one part of my webinar word for word that I specifically needed to get right; the rest came naturally.

3. If you’re scared to go it alone for your first time, collaborate with someone you admire. Tanya is my coaching partner from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I absolutely adore her blog and her journey is a particularly interesting one. I knew we’d have fun on the call together, it was honestly a total no brainer. Who can you invite to join you for your webinar?

4. Choose a topic you are utterly passionate about and that you can confidently speak on for an hour. I chose blogging because writing is my one true love and through my personal experience launching two blogs and going through a rebrand and my professional experience coaching website administrators and social media users – this was a topic I felt confident to speak on and it turns I had so much to say we went 15 minutes overtime.

5. Manage your expectations and know that the majority of people who sign up for your webinar will not jump on the call live. This is honestly just a sign of the times we live in and I have to say I’m as guilty of this as anyone else. I very rarely jump on study calls live; I much prefer to catch up on my podcasts while I’m cleaning and doing housework.

6. Check your technology ahead of time and use a good quality microphone and speakers. Make sure you’re not running other internet programs in the background as this can affect the quality of the call.

7. HAVE FUN – this is the number one name of the game. I expected to feel totally nervous and terrified and that the experience would be completely unenjoyable. I was so wrong – I was nervous initially but I was passionate about the topic, I loved my collaborator and I actually really enjoyed the whole experience. This definitely will not be my only webinar.

Have you ever hosted a webinar or a podcast? What are your top tips? If you haven’t hosted one yet, what’s holding you back? xx

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A small victory…the secret ingredient to cultivate grit and determination

Can you live the laptop life?

Can you live the laptop life?

They say that if you want to experience rapid personal growth in your life become an entrepreneur. Everyday working for yourself, hustling and trying to make shit happen in your business is a combination of fleetingly beautiful highs and crushing lows.

As Winston Churchill once aptly said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going” but how do you muster the grit strength and the dogged determination to keep busting your guts on a project that quite honestly at that moment in time might literally feel like HELL and the idea of giving up on your dreams seems so tantalisingly easy and simple?

The answer is irritatingly straightforward and to use yet another ‘inspirational’ quote from Steve Case the founder of AOL – “You shouldn’t focus on why you can’t do something, which is what most people do. You should focus on why perhaps you can, and be one of the exceptions.”

Easier said then done right? I recently went through a crisis of faith myself. For about four weeks straight I ruminated, analysed and fixated on how I was ‘failing’ in my business, how I wasn’t cut out to be a coach, how I was never going to get clients and how I pretty much just couldn’t do this. I was ready to give up and go back to working 9-5 and occasionally pumping out a blog post on the side.

I masked my crisis of faith and lack of belief in myself as ‘being burnt out and needing to take a step back’ but what I really needed to do was address the ‘failure’ mentality I had let myself so easily and unknowingly become susceptible to.

It took a call with my straight-talking business coach to wake me up from my self-induced pessimistic stupor where she reminded me what a critical juncture I was currently sitting at. I was at a turning point in my life and in my business. I could take the easy route and give up or I could pull my socks up, find the determination and the grit that was lurking somewhere deep down inside and keep going, keep trying and keep working my ass off for the life I truly want. A life I get to live on my terms!

That is the beauty of coaching…you need someone to call you on your shit, especially if, like me, you tend to get mired in your own negativity and dark thoughts from time to time. All it took was one 45-minute call and I had managed to pull myself out of my ‘failure’ mentality and I had a new plan I was energised and excited about.

Not an easy plan by any means but I had an inkling deep down inside that I could do it – that I could make this happen. All I needed was the reignited belief and a small confirmation of my mental prowess. Call it my stubborn and skeptical Taurean nature but I needed physical proof that if I want to manifest something, I can ACTUALLY make it happen by pure belief in my abilities and myself.

Pre-run selfie in the Office

So how could I prove to myself that I could do this? That I could keep going in the face of adversity and hard times? All I needed was a small victory…a small win and I got it in a very random and surprising form.

Every Friday after work a couple of my colleagues go to a social running club where they run a 3km circuit in the park across the road from our office before heading to a nearby bowling club for a BBQ.

While it is a social event, every week it is timed, personal bests are acknowledged and the participants take part in triathlons, marathons and other serious athletic events for fun…these people are FIT.

All my adult life I’ve told myself the same story…”running is hard, I’m not a runner, I can run for a little while and then I need to walk”. I once trained for weeks for a 5km race and despite being fit enough, I let my mind take over and ended up walking some of the race, completely unnecessarily.

I’d gone to the social running club once before and again had walked some of the 3km but this time…this time was different. As I started off on the easiest handicap I told myself “if you can run this whole 3km without stopping to walk, you can be an entrepreneur and a coach and you can be successful…you CAN make this happen” and what do you know? I ran the whole 3km without stopping.

I literally felt so happy and proud of myself; I felt like I was walking on air after that run and last night after weeks of interrupted poor sleep – I slept the BEST I have in ages.

It sounds like such a simple thing…yet it’s a really powerful example of how pure belief in yourself and your abilities can override years of negative conditioning and silly stories we tell ourselves.

Are you struggling in an area of your life? What small victory can you give yourself to PROVE you can do it? Comment below xx

Be brave, be you – vulnerability, the birthplace of creativity

d198a2de1078db94f9322f6db243a350Knowing where to start is the hardest part of any creative project. Before putting pen to paper, brush to canvas, hand to mouse, or whichever tool to medium you’re working with, you could spend an exorbitant amount of time thinking about the final product, considering the response from your audience, and worrying that a piece of you is going to be on show. I know I do.

Even now, I’m thinking, “Is this what the reader is going to want to hear? Is the intro catchy enough? Do I have a ‘story’ to tell to justify my insight?” The thing about creativity is that it is subjective. So, as a creative, you have to have the ability and willingness to reveal a little of yourself. A friend once directed me to this interview with Brene Brown, and it really resonated with me.

There’s something very settling about seeing someone’s vulnerable side. It’s a relief in many ways; knowing that we’re not alone in feeling a little inadequate at times. In other ways it’s uplifting; seeing the transformation of a person who pushes past that first door and rearranges the furniture before they inevitably move to open the next door. Essentially, people simply want to be able to connect; to have a bond; to feel like they’re not alone. The beauty of this is that everyone’s experiences, views, and interpretations are unique. Yet, often we can draw similarities – or differences – and that too creates new meaning.

In the creative field, it is important to be OK with being vulnerable. If you’re not, how is anyone going to connect with you if the can’t get a feel for you? Whenever I’m feeling skeptical about being myself and questioning my authority, I listen to Brave by Sarah Bereilles – it makes me think, “Yeah! I can do this! Who knows what being me will prove?”

When I open up, like in the book I’m writing I often receive a far better (more engaged) response than when I write something based on what I think people want to hear. And I believe you will too. You can apply this principle to any creative project. Just get started and see what happens; see what comes out. Leave it for a day and revisit it. You may be surprised by what you think of your work. But the important thing is not to think – just feel for what you need to say, write, draw, paint, create. Get started, and then feel. As Ernest Hemingway famously said, “It is easy to write. Just sit in front of your typewriter and bleed.” Even if, at first, you think you’re trying to help other people, you may discover some significant insights about yourself.

Are you scared to open up and be vulnerable to your audience? What kind of reaction do you get when you allow a little bit of vulnerability to shine through in your posts? Comment below xx

Kate Wright is the holistic health coach and writer behind Inspired Mood, an online space dedicating to discovering a healthier happier life. Kate works in City Development, has a background in journalism and public relations and a passion for health and wellness. Kate studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. To find out more about her you can visit www.inspiredmood.com.

Four tips to build your blogging tribe


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Blogging can be a lonely business… the act of sitting on your laptop, tapping out your thoughts and then hitting that publish button. You’re essentially laying your self-bare for the world to see and while it can bring about some divine moments of connection with your readers and your tribe, it can also be alienating and downright scary at times.

When I first started blogging around eighteen months ago, out of a deep sense of frustration with my job at the time and the way my life was going– I didn’t know anyone else in my day-to-day world that was blogging or writing. While I could share my new found passion with my friends and family and while they were (and still are) some of my biggest cheerleaders, I felt a yearning to connect with other people who were doing the same thing as me.

I wanted to talk WordPress vs. Blogger, inspired ideas for opt-ins and if I needed a newsletter pop-up on my blog or if a sign up form in my side bar would do. Basically I wanted to shoot the shit and discuss the mundane intricacies of having a blog with someone who would get it and not feel totally bored after five minutes by my complete and utter word nerd status. Basically I needed blogger buddies and to find a sense of community in this new online world I was venturing into.

I soon learnt in my quest for community that being located out in the sticks was not exactly doing me any favors and so I promptly booked a ticket to my first networking event for bloggers in Sydney – Live Aspire Blog – run at the time (May 2013) by my current business coach Jessica and Ursula from The Aspirer.

As networking events go, it was pretty amazing and I’d happily say the best I’ve ever been to. Christina from Hair Romance and Meredith from Young The Label (my now favorite handbag label) were the two guest speakers. I got to chat with Caz from YTravelBlog, who I found out later was one half of the amazingly successful duo, Katherine from the Beauty of Life, Olivia from Don’t Tell Summer and some other truly amazing bloggers – it was utterly fantastic to be in the same room, soaking up the knowledge, the conversations and the connections – here was my tribe, these were my people.

From that fleeting afternoon spent at Live Aspire Blog, I’ve continued to crave meaningful connections with other bloggers. As a side project goes blogging can be incredibly isolating and lonely, with a brief slump in motivation easily extending to months of inactivity if you’re not careful and you don’t have anyone to keep you on track.

If you’re keen to create a community around your passion project and connect with other brilliant babes, below are the top tips that worked for me:

  1. Attend networking events – Be selective and do your research on this one as networking events can be expensive and a waste of time if you don’t attend the right one and approach it with the right attitude. I was lucky as photos and event recaps from the recent Live Aspire Blog events had been widely written about by previously attending bloggers. I knew what I was in store for and it didn’t disappoint.
  2. Join Facebook groups – While I understood the concept of Facebook groups and had even participated in a group or two from time to time, it took a word from my business coach before I actively joined and participated in groups with other like-minded individuals. Jump in on the conversation and join Creative Hub for Brilliant Babes if you’re looking to connect with other like-minded ladies or search for your interest under groups – blogging, jewelry, craft etc.
  3. Make the most of eCourses – Are you taking an eCourse at the moment or have you previously? Anything from Marie Forleo’s Bschool to Connie Chapman’s 90-Day Transformation Project, have entire online communities filled with fellow students who you clearly share a passion with. Through my study at the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy I’ve met some amazing women, particularly my gorgeous coaching partner Tanya from Love Tmah.
  4. Take advantage of real life connections – As I mentioned above when I first started blogging I didn’t know anyone in my networks who was writing or blogging. About three months after I launched my blog I landed a great new day-job and within my direct team were two other bloggers. Kate from Inspired Mood and Emma from Emmy and Mouse. I made the most of my real life connections and now I routinely have blog dates with Kate where we get together to bounce ideas around, while encouraging and supporting one another.

What are your top tips to connect with other brilliant babes and create a community of like-minded ladies? I’d love to hear, comment below xx

Perfectionism…The Death of Creative Success

Creative CoachingSometimes you just have to start before you’re ready…otherwise you will never get your butt off the couch, stop addictively streaming Orange is the New Black and launch that creative endeavor to the world…and yes I am that binge watching example.

Three weeks ago I had a session with my business coach where we brainstormed ideas as to why my life coaching business was not taking off in the way we had hoped. It all felt like a struggle, it wasn’t right, I didn’t feel confident and like I could own it…basically it wasn’t me.

I was trying to appeal to this 20-35 year old woman who wanted to ditch the drudgery and create this radical audacious version of her own life, yet somehow it didn’t quite ring true. I didn’t feel like I could actually coach someone on that because while of course I’m trying to live the best version of my own life, if I’m being brutally honest here…it just all felt a bit fraudulent.

After a bit of brainstorming we came up with a new direction for my business and a new program – Creative Coaching for Brilliant Babes.

Now here was something I could coach people on, I didn’t feel like I needed to have this AMAZING I’ve-got-all-my-shit together life to help people with this. I’m a writer, I work in PR, I blog and have an online business – this is what I do…I’m GOOD at this!

I feel so thrilled and excited to help clients who are feeling unsatisfied in their day job to create their own passion project, launch it and successfully market it to an excited and engaged audience so they can feel creatively fulfilled and even potentially make a side income from it.

However as I’m sure many of the perfectionists out there would know, once you get a brilliant idea in your mind and you just feel in your gut that it’s going to work, come launch day you want EVERYTHING to be perfect.

I had a list as long as my arm of everything that needed to be reworked on my website, including my Work With Me page and my About Me page. I needed a new blog-series ready to go, I needed my Facebook group up and running, I needed some amazing new images, I needed all my auto-responders to be reworked, I needed to update my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages and I NEEDED all of this stuff ready to go on my launch day.

Was this honestly a realistic expectation of myself? No way, I’d just come back from holidays and had done nothing on my business while I was away as I was desperate for a break and reaching burn out prior to the break. Since arriving home I had less then 24 hours before I had to jump back into full time work, study and coaching and did I have the time to do all of this is under five days before launching last Friday? HELL NO!

Was not having every single thing on my list ready and perfect going to affect the quality of my business and doom me to forever being mediocre and getting no clients? No and logically I knew this was not the case…but I just wanted everything to be pretty and perfect and gosh old habits really do die-hard.

Ultimately I just had to accept that I could press launch with the bare bones of what I did have on Friday and put it out there into the world – before spending a more leisurely weekend, in a better head space to finish what I didn’t have ready by Friday.

Now while I got tonnes shit done for my business over the weekend everything still isn’t perfect, pristine and pretty but will it ever be up the ridiculous standards I set for myself? That’s not really reality! Nothing is ever perfect and there’s always something we can improve on, however if you don’t at least start before your ready, take a leap and grow wings on the way down…as a perfectionist you may never get out of that of that creatively stalled and stuck space.

Are you allowing the fear of not being seen as perfect, pristine or pretty stop you from pressing the LAUNCH button in an area of your life? Do you have a blog post that’s dying to be written but nowhere to publish it because your fear of not having the most gorgeous online space stops you from trying at all? Are you scared to write that book in case someone judges your less then amazing grammar skills?

Comment below and let me know where you’re allowing perfectionism to stall your creativity.

If you’re interested in how I can help you overcome fear and perfectionism to successfully launch that creative project to an excited and engaged audience check out my work with me page and contact me today for a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

The lone wolf’s guide to dealing with loneliness

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I’ve always been a bit of a lone wolf. Despite being an outgoing and social PR girl who gets paid to communicate with others, at heart I’m an introvert and in between bursts of social activity, I generally need long periods of time alone by myself to rejuvenate.

While I’ve always loved my independence and prided myself on the fact that I live alone, I’m not afraid to travel solo and I legitimately enjoy eating out and going to the movies by myself…lately I’ve been struck with more than my fair share of loneliness.

Perhaps this has something to do with finding myself single among a sea of couples, or potentially it’s about moving house and dealing with a lot of life change in a short period of time.

Whatever the reason one thing I know is loneliness hurts…it singles you out, hits you hard and weighs you down!

So how do you deal with the loneliness? Well if you’re anything like me and at first you don’t quite recognise the emotion you flail about anxiously and try to distract yourself from feeling anything by reaching out to unsuitables, partying to forget your troubles and trying your darndest to fill your time with mindless social activity.

After a while though you start to realise that distractions don’t quite always work. See loneliness is a tricky emotion…it’ll catch you and weigh you down even when you’re surrounded by a crowd of people. All you can really is to do is acknowledge the loneliness, accept the fact that you feel this way and develop a plan to deal with it.

Below is my plan, I hope it helps you if you’re feeling lonely and struggling to deal:

  1. Figure out what triggers the loneliness to flare up. Maybe it’s photos of engagement rings on Facebook or perhaps it’s when your best friend gets all gushy about her pregnancy. Whatever it is, being aware is the first step to dealing with it.
  2. Work out a plan to soothe and manage the loneliness. While ideally you want to prevent feeling lonely, if you are triggered have a plan in place to soothe and make yourself feel better. Maybe you journal or meditate, reach out and call a friend or go and visit your family.
  3. Whip out your calendar and note down everything that’s happening in your life. I put down my gym classes, dinner with friends, when I’ll be studying, the time I’ve set aside to work on my business. Everything I can think of goes in my calendar and then everyday when I look at it I know have plenty of social activity to look forward too. If it looks like a light week I’ll reach out and make some plans, even if it’s just heading to the gym for an extra class or deciding to take myself out for coffee to read a great book one day.
  4. Keep focused on your goals and what you want to create in your life. I like to write my goals down everyday. It’s a great reminder of what you’re working towards. I’m currently studying life coaching; I recently launched an online coaching business and next year I’m going to Paris. All three are big exciting goals that are 100% focused on me and don’t require a partner.
  5. Stay open to meeting new friends or a partner. Write down all the qualities and values that are important to you in your relationships. Read over it regularly and keep it in mind when you’re out and about, particularly when dating. This will stop you wasting time with people who you are not compatible with just because you feel lonely.

While in the midst of loneliness it may not feel like it but this time is just one period in your life. You’re not a problem to be fixed and there’s nothing wrong with you – embrace your life whether you’re single or partnered and make the most of it, it’s the only one you’ve got.

What are your top tips to handle loneliness? Comment below xx

Step Four: How to make inspired intuitive decisions


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So we’ve built the foundations – we’ve figured out what you’re yearning to create in your life, we’ve established what’s holding you back and we’re moving through it, we’re working on amping up your self-love and belief muscles and now you’re ready for action.

Ready for a leap of faith and to take inspired steps to achieve your audacious, crazy, courageous, out there goals.

Ready to move from the well-trodden path and bust out of that awkward and constricting mould to live your dream life in a daring new reality.

But how do we know what decisions to make? How do we stop the fearful crazy thoughts from ruling our headspace when trying to make a BIG decision? We use our intuition baby!

The Dictionary defines intuition as:

1. Direct perception of truth, fact, etc; independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension
2. A fact; truth; perceived in this way.
3. The quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight.

I personally define intuition as that knowing, deep down in my core – specifically my gut – of what the right action is to take, no matter how scary, insane, heartbreaking or utterly divine…my gut has never failed me.

My gut told me to ditch the corporate Sydney life and move to the USA where I slowly began to rebuild my self-confidence after a soul shattering couple of years battling depression, heartbreak and anxiety.

My gut told me to move back to the country to be closer to my family where I was propelled down my self-development journey which ultimately led me to follow my passion of being a writer and a life coach.

My gut has gently guided me numerous times to end relationships that no longer served either myself or the other person despite it being heartbreaking and downright scary to be brave enough to call it quits.

My gut has always guided me to take the right action at the right time, even if I ignored it endlessly…it usually gets to the point where the words bubble up in my mouth and I can no longer avoid making the RIGHT decision.

But what if you don’t get the gut feelings? What if you’re not feeling connected to your intuition? Well it doesn’t always have to be a gut feeling, it may be an intense feeling of knowing for you, or perhaps a great rush of happiness and love that indicates you’re making the right decision.

However if you’re connection to your intuition is a little out of whack, below are my top tips to rekindle the flame:

1. When someone asks you to do something, stop – wait – and feel your body’s reaction. Do you feel tight and restricted, like you just don’t want to do it or do you feel excited, inspired and ready for action? Listen to your body and answer NO if you don’t want to do it and YES if you do…trust your intuition and she will slowly start to show up more for you.

2. Meditate and connect with your body. By quieting the constant chatter in your mind for just five minutes a day you will slowly start to develop a deeper awareness within your body and connect with your intuition and your knowing more fully.

3. Free write in your journal on whatever decision is causing you confusion or pain. Don’t restrict yourself just let it flow and go for at least ten minutes – you will not believe the deep insights that will come pouring out of you if you don’t censor yourself and just allow the thoughts to flow.

4. Get out into nature on your own. Go for a walk on the beach, take a hike in bushland or spend some time quietly sitting beside the river with your own thoughts. By being alone, out of your normal habitat and connected with nature – you will clear your head and allow true knowing to shine through.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last post in this blog series and I trust that you feel like you’re well on your way to loving yourself, trusting your intuition and moving courageously forward in the direction of your dreams. Next week I’ll be sending out my free eBook which combines the four-steps from this process in one handy location you can refer back to anytime, but you can only get access if you’re on my list. You can sign up in the sign up form on the right-hand pane or in the pop-up.

As always comment below and let me know how you’re going, I really would love to hear xx

Step Three: If you want to love your life you need to love yourself!

Step Three

Do you believe you can do it?

In the previous two weeks we’ve established exactly what you want to create for your rockin new reality, we’ve figured out what’s holding you back and determined the steps you need to take to bust those blocks so you can start moving effortlessly forward. If you missed step one click here and if you missed step two click here.

This week we’re going to work on amping up your self-love and confidence muscles so you feel empowered enough to take action and so you can start to truly believe you are worthy of actually having your dream life.

Do you feel like you’re worth it?

Honestly ask yourself…do you feel like you deserve to quit your job, make a heap of money, go live in Paris and have the life of your dreams? If you answered yes with no qualms then that is AWESOME – rock on sister!

However if, like me, you said yes with a little secret stirring of disbelief in your core then you need to work on really loving and accepting yourself so you can start to truly believe you are worthy of achieving your goal.

Why is it so important to love and believe wholeheartedly in yourself? Well if you don’t and you go chasing after your goal without establishing the building blocks of self-worth you will unconsciously feel like you don’t deserve it and ultimately end up sabotaging yourself.

For my new business I have a big income goal. I write it down every single day and it reminds me exactly what I’m working towards when I plug away at my day job and then come home to spend another couple of hours working away on my business.

However it’s so crucial that I consistently work on amping up my self-worth and my belief in my VALUE, otherwise I will ultimately end up feeling like I don’t deserve to make that big figure and sabotage myself. Probably through procrastination, giving up or some other self-induced subversion.

So how can we cultivate more self-love and belief?

1. Write down three things you value about yourself every single day. Yes yes, I’m adding yet another thing to your journalling list, however by taking the time to consciously think of three things you love about yourself every day your belief in your value will skyrocket. It needs to be something new and specific everyday. This is a fantastic tip courtesy of Kate Northrup’s book – Money: A Love Story. A fantastic read if your goal involves manifesting money!

2. Consciously watch your thoughts and become aware of any negative self-talk swirling around in your head. Replace the nasty thoughts that tend to run on repeat with more positive self-talk and be your own bestie for a change. I like to try using affirmations…the practice of looking yourself in the eye in the mirror and actually saying “I fully love and accept myself” can be absolutely life changing.This one can be challenging though so be gentle with yourself and accepting of where you are right now – no one’s perfect and we can’t expect our thoughts to be perfect all the time either.

3. Take the time to forgive yourself and others and release past hurts. This one is a big one, I find that holding on to past anger, guilt and regret really stops me from loving myself and exactly where I am at on my journey. Particularly if the person you most need to forgive is yourself. Denise Duffield-Thomas recommends writing it all out in a journal and then saying out loud to each person you need to release “I forgive you, I’m sorry and I love you.” I love this – it’s super simple and it works! Another great idea for bigger resentments and pain you’re not quite ready to let go of is to try a releasing ritual…Vienda Maria has an amazing a seven-day releasing ritual.

4. Finally self-care is another important step to loving and valuing yourself. Do you eat right, exercise, get enough sleep and generally take care of yourself and give your body the nourishment and the love it needs? The way you treat your external body is a reflection of your internal worth…how are you treating yours?

Stay tuned for the final part in my four-part blog series where we get you ready to take considered and intuitively right action.

What self-care tips keep you loving yourself? Let me know below xx

Step Two: Discover exactly WHAT is holding you back!

It's time to break free from what's holding you back

It’s time to break free from what’s holding you back

So you’ve figured out exactly what you want to manifest to break you out of your mould and create a life that genuinely lights you up…but something’s holding you back.

Maybe it’s your internal fears repeating on a loop:

“I can’t quit my job to go travel, I’ve got a job others would kill for with good benefits. I’ll lose so much money and my savings will take a big hit. I’m too old to travel. What if I make no friends and spend a year on my own on the other side of the world? What if I get sick?”

Or perhaps you’re encountering external resistance from friends, family or even your significant other who don’t understand why you can’t just be happy in your current situation instead of feeling like you have to shake your whole life up.

How do you find the courage?

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done before.”

It’s human nature for fear and ego-driven thoughts to pop up when we are going through a change in our lives or even considering a change. Particularly if we’re chasing big goals…our fear driven inner biatch rears her ugly head and says to us “who are you to do that?” But actually “who are you NOT to do that?”

You need to become okay with the fear and find the courage to listen exclusively to your burgeoning intuition, otherwise the fear will rule you, keep you playing small and never allow you to live a daring life that lights you up.

So how do you learn to sit with the fear and be okay with it:

1. Practise mindfulness and live in the present moment – there’s no point having a freak out over something that may not happen for another six months (or EVER) when you’re at work, doing your job – embrace the NOW.

2. If it feels like your fears are eating you alive, sit down and journal them out – write down everything you feel, every outlandish, crazy thought you’ve ever had. Once you’re finished read over them, acknowledge them and then let them go by tearing them up and throwing them away or burning them. Release the fears and let them go.

3. Focus your meditation practice on accepting and releasing your fears. From meditation alone you will begin to become more centered and connected with your true heart’s desires, meaning you will be able to distinguish between fearful thoughts and what you truly want.

What about the naysayers?

“The more you love your decisions, the less you needs others to love them.”

When I quit my corporate Sydney job and decided to spend 12-months nannying for a family I’d never met before in Los Angeles with barely three months between the day I made the decision and my departure, I experienced resistance from unlikely external sources and this really upset me.

However, I honestly should not have been surprised about the resistance as I essentially asked for people’s opinions as a means of justifying and validating my decision – this was a big mistake.

I really recommend that you become secure and confident in your big goal before you tell any of your friends or family about what you are planning. Particularly if you are sitting on a decision I would recommend that you make that decision on your own before telling anyone.

While I know that any resistance I received was not actually about me and was more about what my decision brought up for the other person – by providing them the opportunity to give me their opinion it allowed them to try to sway my decision for their own personal motivations.

Whereas if I had made my decision, created a plan, set it motion and then told them exactly what I was doing without asking for their opinion…it really doesn’t give them an opportunity to say “oh I don’t understand why you would want to do that, you have such a good job blah blah blah”.

If you have a partner and you’d like to quit your job or go on a big trip I would recommend you also prepare a plan and do all the math before broaching the topic with them…because if you just say an offhand “honey I want to quit my job…but I don’t really know how it’s going to work” then it is much easier for them to just say no and not even consider it. However if you’ve got a full plan worked out, logical steps in place and they can form a picture of how it is realistically going to work in their minds – the answer is much more likely to be a resounding YES!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post where we amp up your self-love and self-belief muscles and get you ready for action.

What’s holding you back from achieving your dreams? Comment below and let me know xx